TTS – Tag Testing System

Tag Testing System is a complete, portable and inexpensive kit that allows you to evaluate in real time the functionality and the performance of passive UHF RFID tags.

It ensures quality and reliability of your IOT projects in terms of:

  • research and design of transponders and smart labels
  • proof of concept and evaluation of tag performances on the field
  • choice of tags for items electronic labeling




Tag Testing System (TTS) is a solution to verify in real time the functionality and performance of passive and semi-passive UHF RFID tags by processing, with an ad-hoc algorithm, the signals exchanged between tag and reader during communication.

The system, consisting of a reader, an external antenna and dedicated software, evaluates the ignition power of the tag for each operating frequency (1 MHz step) in the ETSI band (865 -868 MHz) and FCC band (902-928 MHz)

Practical, light and functional, the kit includes a query module and a graphical user interface for acquisition of data, which can be exported in PDF or Excel format.

Inventag - TTS tag testing system

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