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Inventag by Tenenga is your valuable partner with 30 years of experience in RFID, IoT and Automatic Identification.

We select the best manufacturers and products worldwide, helping our clients to make the right choices, optimize costs, reduce errors and improve business performances.

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Best results are driven by the best decisions and the right tools

Delivering successful projects is a matter of competence, experience, method, operative know how and  proper devices.

We supply “classic” RFID tags, as well as “green” tags with no PET and aluminum, and our innovative “Tag Testing System” helping our clients to select, evaluate, test and implement the fittest tag solutions in every project.

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Winning projects are a matter of how you manage them

In 30 years of field experience we have learned that successful projects depend on several factors such as analyzing goals, assessing feasibility, avoiding unnecessary risks, achieving tangible results and delivering innovative turnkey projects. To make this happen we have invented a new operating tool to assess tag performances.

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Converters and resellers are our “best buddies”

We have created a simple platform to improve the dialogue with resellers, converters or end-users in order to better understand their functional needs and to deliver the best possible solutions.

We believe in facts. This is the reason why Tenenga is trusted by leading national and international companies

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