The new RFID tag supplier for resellers and converters

Inventag by Tenenga is a team of RFID and IoT experts with 30 years of field experience.

Continuous innovation and research, consulting approach and technical skills are the key factors for our successful case histories.

We partner with converters, resellers or end users by:

  • selecting the best manufacturers and products worldwide, helping its clients to make the right choices, optimize costs, reduce errors and improve business performances;
  • delivering targeted assortments, competitive prices, customized formats and order flexibility;
  • supplying “classic” RFID tags, as well as green” tags with no PET and aluminum, and our innovative Tag Testing System helping our clients to select, evaluate, test and implement the fittest tag solutions in every project.

At Inventag innovation never sleeps

We have created a simple platform to facilitate pre-order processing, improve the dialogue with resellers, converters or end-users in order to better understand their functional needs and to deliver the best possible solutions. In order to access all function you need to register first.

Using is very simple and effective. Check our simple instructions here.

Your feedback is very important is a brand new project, therefore we are far to be perfect and iper efficient.

We need your help to upscale the functions and make more and more useful for your business activity.

For any questions, doubt or any suggestion please contact our team. We will be glad to help and receive your precious feedback.

Discover Inventag latest invention: the TTS

Designed and engineered by Tenenga in collaboration with University of Tor Vergata (Rome), TTS is the innovative, all-in-one, easy-to-use and cost-effective device to test, measure and compare the performance of UHF RFID tags.

The Tag Testing System ensures quality and reliability of your IoT projects in terms of:

  • research and design of transponders and smart labels;
  • proof of concept and evaluation of tag performances on the field;
  • choice of tags for items electronic labeling.

Click here to know more about TTS

For further technical information, please check the product information on our catalog or download the data sheet or contact the Inventag Team.

Tag Testing System - Inventag
TTS - Tag Testing system - by Inventag
TTS - Inventag
TTS box - Inventag