The future of RFID Technology is Green!

Not only smart but unique and sustainable

Natural, clean and hi-tech. The innovative and sustainable GREEN RFID TAGS are made for companies committed to solid environmental values.

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This new technology allows printing of an RFID label to a renewable paper, without plastic layers and harmful chemicals. Isn’t it great?

Our Green RFID Tags use a sustainable fibre-based paper substrate and low-cost conductor that offers higher conductivity and performances.

They are manufactured using an additive technology that requires only a small ecological footprint.

This is a very sensitive note considering the huge amont of disposable tags consumed every year (1.8 billions), most of them embedding plastic parts.

Besides ecology, the Green RFID Tags stand for economy, allowing high volumes and high quality while being cost neutral.

The benefits of Green RFID Tags are undisputable:

  • Environmentally friendly materials – sustainable, renewable, no impact on existing waste streams or recycling;
  • Excellent reliability with paper-based inlay;
  • Excellent performance with printed antenna – 90-95% the performance of etched aluminum;
  • Cost level of Green Tags is comparable to etched aluminium products, with a clear roadmap towards cost leadership;
  • Fibre-based substrate enables new features – label can be embedded on package, made tamper-proof, non-transferable, re-pulpable.

Green Tags are not green washing: the future depends on us

Sustainability is vital for business strategy.

We are individually and professionally committed to reduce our ecological footprint and increase our positive impact on climate change, biodiversity, and circularity.

At Tenenga we conduct our everyday business in the cleanest and most responsible manner.

And our feet are always touching the ground: Green RFID is not the end, just the beginnig of a new era.

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